Friday, January 15, 2010


Look very closely and you might see someone alone. I had a bit of a play with long exposures and a flashlight. by Derek
Alone. by Matthias

Alone. by Killian
Alone. By Damien

Alone 2. By Damien

Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Through

It is a picture looking through the window from inside my camper van out at the pier at Doonbeg castle, Co.Clare, when a 40foot swell was crashing off the wall and spraying water high up into the air! You can also see a curragh in the picture. by Damien
Looking through/Reflections since I missed last month. By Matthias
Looking through the jaws of a shark that I caught on my first deep sea fishing trip. by Derek

And again looking throught the jaws of an angry baracuda on the same trip. by Derek

A photo taken from the inside of the musee d'orsay in Paris of one of the huge old clocks that are on the building (remnants of it's days as a train station). By Janelle
What you can see when you look through the clock... the city of Paris and in particular, the Sacré Coeur church. by Janelle

'Hillwaker Through Fencepost', Pentland Hills, Edinburgh. by Killian

Looking through. By Padhraic